Magazines and Newspapers

“Government regulation is vital, but it also needs to be efficient”

“Who Killed Big Government? It’s not who you think”

“The Liberal Attack on Government: The left criticized administrative power, and then lost control of both the government and the narrative that surrounded it.”

“To Succeed, Liberals Must Absorb History’s Lessons”

“Comments on Fossil Fuel Divestment”

“Three cheers for tolls”

“Citizen Activism, History, and the Environmental Crisis”

“The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future”

“$1000 Question- Did the population bomb ever explode?”

After Words: Conversation about “The Bet” with Dina Cappiello

“Betting on the Apocalypse”

“The Big Idea: Can Innovation Save Us?”

“The Decline of Republican Environmentalism”

“From King Coal to carbon tax: A historical perspective on the energy and climate-change debate”

“Before the Big Spill”

“Climate Change and the Energy Transition: Lessons from History”

“The Environment: Refocusing on the Environmental Crisis”

“Earth Day: The Environmental Movement’s Midlife Crisis”

“Liberals must refight battles of the past”

“Playing the Market: Free markets don’t exist and never could”

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Legal Affairs, November/December 2004, 25-27.

“For the budget-conscious: Cheap oil isn’t worth the price”

“Yes, oil is too expensive — for security, environment”

“Keep Those Gasoline Prices High”

Scholarly Publications

“Environmental Law and the End of the New Deal Order”

“’Everything has a price’: Jimmy Carter and the Struggle for Balance in Federal Regulatory Policy”

“Environmental Law and the End of the New Deal Order”

“Crisis and Continuity in United States Oil Politics, 1965-1980”

“‘The Ultimate Environmental Dilemma’: Making a Place for Historians in the Climate and Energy Debates”

“Rooting Around in Search of Causality”

“Global Warming”

Stanley Kutler, ed., Dictionary of American History, 3rd Edition. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2003.

“‘A Dive into Nature’s Great Grab-bag’: Nature, Gender and Capitalism in the Early Pennsylvania Oil Industry”

Click here to download the pdf (“A Dive into Nature’s Great Grab-bag”)

“Searching for Middle Ground: Native Communities and Oil Extraction in the Northern and Central Ecuadorian Amazon, 1967-1993”

Click here to download pdf (“Searching for Middle Ground”)

“Home and Abroad: The Two ‘Wests’ of Twentieth-Century United States History”

Click here to download the pdf (“Home and Abroad”)

“Voices from the Hydrocarbon Frontier: Canada’s Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (1974-1977)”

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“High Tide of Equal Protection: Justice Raymond L. Sullivan’s Opinions in Serrano and Westbrook”

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